Ariane Ruchat

As a teacher of French as a foreign language for over 30 years, I remain convinced that a language is not a simple communication tool, but the witness of a culture and a vision of the world. Learning a new language is also an opportunity to rediscover one’s mother tongue.

Each learner is unique, which makes each course specific. My thirty years’ experience is specifically devoted to individualized and professional learning, adapted to the rhythm of each student.

French in my mother tongue and I also speak English, German and Spanish.

My passion is still intact and I remain more than ever fond of French : “fondue de français”.

My training

My Latin-English baccalaureate developed my intuition and love for grammar.

My Master’s degree in Law at the University of Lausanne gave me other intellectual perspectives: logic, pragmatism and structure.

My position as vice-director of a private school in Montreux initiated my passion for teaching French. I was present at the birth of the DELF examination, an internationally recognized French diploma for which I am currently an exam expert.

The Diplôme d’Aptitude d’Enseignement du Français Langue Etrangère (DAEFLE) came to certify my professional skills.

The ten years spent at the International School of Geneva (secondary level) introduced me to international culture as I prepared my students mainly for the DELF, IGCSE, IB French B, as well as for the Swiss Maturité examinations.

I am also an expert in the DELF written exams and an examiner for the DELF oral exams.

I’m here !

French is a wonderful language, which often seems complex and laborious to new learners. My goal is to take the drama out of French classes, give my students confidence by teaching French with humour, clarity and precision.

Each individual French course is unique because each student is unique. Each French group course is unique because the dynamics of each group is unique. Like an experienced cook, who creates his dishes according to the seasons, I guarantee freshness and spontaneity. And it will probably be an opportunity for you to become aware of how your own mother tongue works.

As I am of Swiss origin, I can familiarize you with the culture of my country and draw your attention to its special features. Don’t worry: there are only slight differences between the varieties of French spoken in Europe and, in my French classes, I will be able to point out the linguistic variants (post: Do you teach French or Swiss?). In the naturalization courses, we will focus more on the cultural, institutional and culinary specialties of my home country.

For over 30 years, I have been passionate about my profession, fond of French: “fondue de français”. Join me and also become “fondu(e) de français” !