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Looking for French courses because…

…you are looking for a tailor-made French course that will enable you to make rapid progress. You may have been disappointed by group classes that are too fast or too slow?

…the renewal of your C Permit is approaching and you need to confirm your language level.

…your son or daughter needs to improve his/her French or is preparing for an exam: DELF, IGCSE, IB French, Swiss Maturité.

…you live in Switzerland but your level of French does not enable you to communicate effectively.

…you want to set yourself a challenge and prepare for the DELF exam.

…you would like to improve your French simply for the pleasure of it, or out of curiosity.

…you are preparing for the Swiss naturalisation exam and you would like to better understand the characteristics of our country with naturalisation courses.

I’m here !

French is a wonderful language, which often seems complex and laborious to new learners. My goal is to take the drama out of French classes, give my students confidence by teaching French with humour, clarity and precision.

Each individual French course is unique because each student is unique. Each French group course is unique because the dynamics of each group is unique. Like an experienced cook, who creates his dishes according to the seasons, I guarantee freshness and spontaneity. And it will probably be an opportunity for you to become aware of how your own mother tongue works.

As I am of Swiss origin, I can familiarize you with the culture of my country and draw your attention to its special features. Don’t worry: there are only slight differences between the varieties of French spoken in Europe and, in my French classes, I will be able to point out the linguistic variants (post: Do you teach French or Swiss?). In the naturalization courses, we will focus more on the cultural, institutional and culinary specialties of my home country.

For over 30 years, I have been passionate about my profession, fond of French: “fondue de français”. Join me and also become “fondu(e) de français” !